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Poker chips have been around for almost as long as the game of poker itself has been doing. Although, these poker chips were definitely not what you or I would pick up for a gaming session with the buddies. During the 1800s, as poker and gaming in general was gaining popularity across the united states, particularly in the rest of the world, there was a need to keep track of the game play and of success and losses history of poker cards.

Nobody had the same currency, and some people had no currency at all. Instead, perhaps they had small items of gold they could actually my very own out or other expensive ores, diamonds or mineral. Maybe they just had a lot of supplies or even exotic or hard to grow foods. This has been all most people had, so just read was as used by players as poker chips. However, there was also need for standardization and larger amount of chips.

Players wanted to play to comprehend money than they always carried with them, or if they did have their money with them, they didn’t want to leave it on a table with a bunch of angry, edgy guys getting inebriated and losing their money. And who can pin the consequence on them for that? So bars and gaming houses began providing poker chips to these players. They would preserve the money, probably collect a fee for their efforts, and everybody would be on an equal playing ground and their money and valuables would be safe.

Of course, there was no such thing as plastic in these days, or any mass produced poker chips of all kinds. In preference to these items were pebbles, items of wood and even our bones. These small gaming houses, who were also probably brothels as well, began the trend of taking people’s money or valuables and turning it into house poker chips that had the same value. But in fact, the of poker chips can actually be extended much a greater distance back and across the globe. Different people loved to gamble and different kinds of games were played by all, all with their own “poker chips” to keep track of it all.

By the late 1800s, there were finally clay poker chips being made. As technology improved and new materials and production methods began appearing, plastic chips and acrylic chips also began to be made. Other materials include ivory and composites of pebbles and other materials.

The of Poker Chips : Paying Benefits for Poker Players Today

By the midst of the 20th century, the massive casinos that have come to be the preferred destination for players around the globe began to popularize. This meant two things, both that have helped all poker players everywhere. First, there was a need to start producing literally millions of poker chips. These casinos are massive and they have thousands of people playing at any given time and there’s more casinos than you can count.

Secondly, there was a need to be able to separate and authenticate the multitudes of poker chips on the market. With technology advances, that means that poker chips as used by casinos have microchips implanted within them, weigh very specific amounts and come with different sizes and textures. Of course, a casino’s poker chips are also intricately designed and kind of so one of these cannot be cast by a would be counterfeiter.

But because of the companies that now have the ability to mass produce millions of poker chips and because they also have the ability to customize these poker chips to every possible detail, the average poker player that you or I benefits the most. That’s because finally there are extremely high quality, affordable and personalized poker chips that we can use for our personal games.