Meet the World

The poker game has been a part of games competitive events for more than 2 hundred years already. Undoubtedly, poker has charmed the majority of the planet, beginning from poker rooms on river boats and in bars on the Wild Western side in the past or over to modern card rooms with plenty of tables and luxurious casinos all over the world. Be it the usa, Europe or even Latin and South america ป๊อกเด้ง ออนไลน์ , poker has become a super popular game of the 21st century. But nonetheless there is a “new horizon”, that is try really hard to conquered in the future years, in order to move poker to the new stage of its popularity among dozens of millions of new players.

This “new horizon” is a continental Asia. One thousand people lives in China, one more thousand is the population of The indian subcontinent, and one more thousand is spread over the remaining the main country. Considering such an amount of potential poker players, forex is a “gold vein” for planners of the game. Only recently this horizon has become developed (with or without the assistance of local governments). The new horizon can become the last one for poker, which means that it will completely conquer the world. Planners of poker guaranteeing that by the end of 2007 many Asians understand perfectly well what is “blind”, “turn” and “river”.

For a long time on-line companies have been interested in the likelihood of entering Cookware markets (particularly, Chinese market), but governments of Asian countries prevent on-line or traditional playing industry from full-scale development. The costa rica government of The indian subcontinent, for example, does not try really hard to support the idea of the playing industry (though there are six casinos in this country). China, which will host international Olympic games-2008, the costa rica government gradually weakens the control over the internet. This is very good news for the representatives of the playing industry, who have already ready to launch a large-scale associate of Asia with poker.

Charlie Wynn, online resources hotels and casinos all over the world, is just about to bring his brilliant and gorgeous style to the Cookware market. “Wynn Macau”, the complex of casinos and hotels, was opened on September 5 in Macao. It familiarizes the Cookware country with the luxury of Las-Vegas. It offers hotels of 600 rooms and casinos, which undoubtedly offer playing and poker games, just like the other Charlie Wynn’s institutions do all over the world. The 20-storeyed hotel will be a precise copy of the hotel-casino “Wynn Las Vegas”. The company plans to set up further spreading of table games throughout the country.

TV in addition has brought poker tourneys onto the Cookware market. The most popular world poker contest (World Poker Tour or WPT) has recently granted a licence to TV areas in Macao and Singapore for them to show the first season of WPT games to the Cookware audience. But the country is getting ready to organize its outstanding poker tourneys. The business entitled “PanAsia Poker Tour” has recently declared that the debut of this new champion will take place in December, and it is for the first time ever sold that the official champion will take place in Manila, Philippines.

Case called “PAPT Philippine Open” will take place on December 3-5 in “Airport Casino Filipino”. Its final contest will incorporate free Playfish poker rivals game with the prize fund of $2500. It is expected that the contest, which got the official permission of Philippines State Corporation for Control over entertaining and playing industry (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation or PAGCOR), will attract celebrities and professional poker players who would attempt to win the title of the contest champion. There are plans to film this contest to be shown in the future on Cookware TV. This means that the vistors of the Cookware country want to watch games, which are played on their own land.

However, the poker contest entitled “PanAsia” does not visit arranging one event. Leaders of this organization have used plans to set up in 2007 a tour across the country with ten stops. The latter are planned in Macao, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Korea, The japanese, New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines. If the tour appears to be successful, it will be able to attract millions of new poker players to the poker community.

The indian subcontinent is also a part of Asia; the world outlook of Indians in many aspects demonstrates the peculiarities of Cookware or even Eastern philosophy. Playing games and casinos in the Indian society are usually condemned (though many Indians want to change this), while poker sites, which are not forbidden here, encounter difficulties in spreading deeper into the country. It is interesting that some activities of the on-line poker companies take place particularly in The indian subcontinent. For example, the company “PartyPoker” has a side office there with 900 employees, the company pays taxes here, as well as in Gibraltar, where its headquarters are situated. Nevertheless, The indian subcontinent will be able to display its real interest to poker during the first contest in the history of this country, which will take place in 2007.

Cookware poker champion in The indian subcontinent — Cookware Poker Classic — with the guaranteed prize of one million dollars will take place on 03 1-3, 2007, in a major resort Goa (Grand Resort Goa) in the hotel “Intercontinental”. It is expected that more than 2 hundred players will take part in the contest. The everyone fee being $7500, this competition is to attract some of the best poker players from all over the world and many celebrities. Its planners hope that the poker site (and the contest sponsor) “Maharajah Club” that has earned a reputation a long ago will attract many players to this competition.